#BBLO: Briony's Beauty Lives On

The hottest photo to show off my makeup skills
I am a big makeup fan and I have had beauty blogs in the past. However I wanted to branch out to blogging about more than just beauty. Can I see myself not blogging about beauty? No way! I have too much passion and useless knowledge not share my love with others. They say to blog about what you love and beauty will always be one of many loves of mine, so I feel I have to share!

I am however going to try to limit my beauty blogging on this blog to just once a week. Then I won't feel the pressure of not blogging enough when I'm using almost the same products on a daily basis. I think one of the biggest struggles of having a beauty blog is feeling the need to have an excessive amount of makeup. I am guilty of this, however I am trying to giveaway some of my makeup and having a smaller collection. I don't need all the makeup I own as I am a fan of a very natural daily look because 6am wake up calls and my makeup skills are not friends.

So keep a look out as this time next week I will be posting new beauty related content.

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