Intoductions : Sonia

Hello Pretties~

Welcome to this blog! We thought that we should start off by introducing ourselves. Yesterday you learned about Briony and all her wonderfulness. So today you get to know about me!

So we decided on 25 dot-points about ourselves and I know that Briony had trouble with it so let's hope I know myself well enough to to this!

  1. I will be 24 on the 1st of June next year.
  2. All my music is depressing unless it's in Korean.
  3. I was born in Italy, Naples.
  4. I started a Bach. of Education but never finished it (Kids are evil)
  5. I'm a Doctor Who fanatic ❤️
  6. I love Sailor Moon (Sailor Mercury is the bomb!)
  7. I've traveled to Hong Kong, England, Korea (twice), Fiji (twice) and Italy.
  8. I went to a girl school until I was in year 12 and then changed to a co-ed school.
  9. I work at supermarket part-time.
  10. I've started a Pathology course.
  11. I'm 5' 1" or 155cm (in other words I'm a midget)
  12. I just bought a Fiat Punto. Broom Broom Bitches. 
  13. My best friend just got engaged!!
  14. I've set myself a goal of 30 books for this year (I got Netflix so there goes my life)
  15. I patted a dolphin at Sea World.
  16. I just got out of a three year relationship.
  17. My parents wont let me even have a pet goldfish.
  18. I have VERY vivid dreams.
  19. My favourite soft toy is called 'Mr. Lumpy'.
  20. I'm saving to buy a house.
  21. I've worn glasses since I was in grade three.
  22. I still have the first $5 I ever earned.
  23. I like to send people letters.
  24. I hardly ever wear make-up... but I own so much of it!
  25. I own over 20 bows to put in your hair.

So here are 25 facts about me. Most of them are boring because who can write about themselves!
Let me know if there is anything you want to know about me, but I'm an open book so it shouldn't take you too long to know everything there is to know about me. 

Tell me about you! What do you like to eat? What do you drive? What's something crazy that's happened to you?


  1. Netflix is such a time suck. Congratulations on starting a pathology course, that is so exciting and I reckon it would be really interesting! I miss your letters and still have a bunch of them in my memory box, hehe.

    Okay, so...
    I love to eat, period. My favourites are probably Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern food.
    I drive my Mum's car (loser!) – a Nissan something or other that gets the job done.
    The other day while in the city I was stopped by an Indian monk who said his goal in life was to make me smile. I was taken aback so just said "Uh...mission accomplished?" and walked away. Crazy enough?

    1. I shall send you more letters~ I just need your address again -.-

      I WANT TO TALK TO AN INDIAN MONK! At least he sounded lovely :D


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