Introductions: Briony

So I am going to start off by welcoming you to Bright Somethings! I'm Briony one of the Authors of this blog. I guess I wanted one of my first blog posts to be a little introduction about me and my wishes for this blog. So let's begin...

Okay so introducing myself is a little more difficult than I expected so I thought I would tell you 25 facts about me.

  1. I'm 23 and sadly 24 in September
  2. Melbourne has always been my home
  3. Luna is my favourite cat in the world and that is saying something as I love cats
  4. Richmond Football Club is life. 
  5. In 2014 I completed a Bachelor of Business
  6. Unfortunately I am not currently using my degree
  7. At the beginning of 2015 I set the goal to read 50 books. I am already at 45...
  8. I moved out home to live with my boyfriend at 21
  9. I have a slight addiction for twisties
  10. At the start of 2012 I taught English as a second language in Laos for a month.
  11. The places I have travelled to are New Zealand, USA, Laos, Vietnam, China and the Philippines.
  12. By the end of August I will have visited every state and territory of Australia
  13. I have had multiple national titles for Cheerleading (L-T-WHO!!)
  14. In May I started dragon boating
  15. Blue is my favourite colour and has been since grade two. 
  16. I spoke all my final exams in high school as I broke a bone in my right hand. 
  17. At age 20 I achieved my life long dream of being able to do the splits. I still can!
  18. I have zero sense of direction and am easily lost. 
  19. I am extremely clumsy
  20. I have more makeup than I will ever need
  21. Almost daily I am correcting people how to say my name. 
  22. I love all things Disney, even disney channel tv shows....
  23. When i first meet people I am so shy I go mute.
  24. I am 158 cms tall
  25. I have nightmares of spiders. They scare me that much

Keep a look out for Sonia's 25 facts tomorrow.

What are some facts about you? Leave a comment below!


  1. You're doing so well with the book challenge, you know I've only read one book thus far (and the shameful book it is, eep!). Also, 158cm-ers represent :) I can't wait to see what you and Sonia post up on here xo

    1. I can't believe you have only read the one book! I will read that shameful book one day, I did download it. I love that I had friends the same height! Thank you lovely xxxx


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