#QLC 1: The Quarter Life Crisis

March 2014. 
The quarter life crisis struggle is real.

Once you finish uni there is this massive stress that everyone puts on themselves because let's face it you expected when you got that degree everything would fall into place. Did it? Hell no. You can no longer get cheap student rates but when someone asks you what you do there is no simple answer like their used to be. Thus begins the quarter life crisis.

When think back to when you were a child being in your twenties you had so many high expectations and it is somewhat disheartening realising those dreams may never become a reality. Don't fear though! There are many opportunities and experiences that you could have never dreamed of that will happen. 

I honestly believe one of the biggest struggles of being in this stage of my life is the fear that I don't have 'my shit together'. Is this currently an issue? Probably not but there is truth behind the fear. I hate wasting my time and I hate to quit things, once I start I feel like I have to finish. I mean I still feel the guilt of quitting diving back in Primary school! Whatever the reason this pressure that we put on ourselves causes us to act out and sometimes make foolish choices.

Comparing your life to your parents at your age can also give you a headache! I know my mother had already had a baby, been married, divorced and had already started dating my dad at my current age. I feel like we have the pressure to start our lives later as we are expected to go to university. There is also the pressure that we should be already be succeeding at something at our age because previous generations were at our age. 

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