Top 5: Places to Find Us

2011 Sonia and Briony

So you want to be able to find us all over the interwebs. Here is the top five places to find us.

This is personally Briony's favourite and she is the one mainly posting on our Instagram page. She does apologise in advance if she posts a lot of cat pictures or selfies on the Brightsomethings Instagram page. Although if you love cat pics and selfies follow Brionys' page as that is almost all she posts! Sonia's page does have selfies but you find majority of the time there is more than the one person in her photos.

Twitter is not really one of either Briony's or Sonia's strong suits but look out for links to our latest post and some funny stories!

Both Sonia and Briony love to read when they have a chance! So they keep track of everything they read on Goodreads. They have joined the 2015 Reading Challenge, Briony aiming for 50 and Sonia aiming for 30. Who will be the first to complete the challenge? Give us a follow to find out.

Tumblr was the biggest thing in high school. I feel like we use this randomly however Tumblr is a place where you can lose yourself and find that hours have gone by. We promise to try and post on Tumblr regularly, we reblog regularly.

We decided we would have a monthly playlist that you can choose to follow. We each have our own Spotify's however we will be making the playlists on the BrightSomethings account. There will also a  music post each month to go with the playlist.

We are also now on Blog Lovin' also. We would love for you to give us a follow on there.

We do think we may eventually make a Facebook page. However that is scary. I'm sure everyone has people on their FaceBook that they feel is judgemental.

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