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I have experience working for an online retailer so I feel like I am more knowledgeable when it comes to the art of online shopping. From my experiences some people don't understand some basics that will make everyone's life a little easier.

Dispatch Times: Read the expected shipment date and shipment time frame carefully! Don't make a purchase before reading about the shipping as there is always conditions. Please ensure you read your invoice! This will have an estimated time frame written on it and will save you stress along with taking away the need to contact the company directly. Websites do sell items on pre-sale this should be on the website or your invoice when you make the purchase. 

Delivery Times: People not reading delivery conditions before making a purchase makes no sense to me! This should be a given for any time you make a purchase on line read the delivery conditions. If the items are large there is a high chance the shopping will only be door to door couriers. On that note; couriers are going to be third party couriers majority of the time, so please do not get mad if there is an issue with the courier losing the item. Chances are the company you have purchased from will send out a replacement if your item/s has been deemed lost in transit. However keep in mind that there will be a time frame that the company has to wait before they can approve the replacement has been sent. Also you will find it is a faster process for the courier company to find the lost item than the replacement being sent. 

Replacements: If the item is majorly damaged or faulty then the company has to either send a replacement or refund you. You will need to be able to show that there is an issue by taking a photo, providing a video or sending the item back. Do not try to fight this, the company has the legal right to have evidence that there is a an issue. If you made the purchase in store and wanted to return the item because of damage you would be expected to prove it. There is a high chance the person you are corresponding with has a list of offers that they have to present to you. Don't be mad at someone for following a procedure. Just make it clear how you wish to move forward and confirm when they present multiple options. 

Not getting your own way: If you are experiencing issue with your order do email in or call in if that is an option. There will be someone there who is willing and able to help you. However do not make ridiculous demands, like if the person has advised you that unfortunately has been a back order delay and the product is not currently available they can't ensure you get the item today. Even if you ask to speak to the manager that will not make the item suddenly appear at your door step. Listen to what the person from customer service has to tell you, as I am sure they are trying to give you the best option possible.

Returns: Most places will have a return policy, as it is only fair that you be able to return the item if it's not what you were expecting. Expect to pay for shipping to return the item for a 'change of mind' reason.

Where is your favourite place to shop online? Leave a comment below. 

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