Review : Stretch Class

Stretch class is something that Briony finally convinced me to go to and I'm actually really glad I did go. 

Stretching is very important for your body, especially as you get older. It helps reduce pain from arthritis and osteoarthritis, not only that but if you start early the onset of it is pushed back. This is why I tried to get my mum to go. It only lasted one class but at least she gave it a go.  
There are other good reasons for stretching like; it helps with your circulation, you're less likely to get an injury and you'll actually be able to sleep better at night.

I on the other hand just wanted to be able to do the splits. Not very health conscious but whatever gets me stretching!

Now to the actual class. It's taught by a lovely girl named Bianca. She's a personal trainer and she is GOOD!When people think of 'personal trainer' or a 'exercise class' they think of mean trainers where they yell in your face and you have all their spit in your face. Well not here! She is nice and she really makes you feel welcome to the group. 

Because there are people of all different levels, Bianca really tries to individualise it for you even if it's meant for everyone. She'll show you how to do a stretch and sometimes (if we have a bigger class) she'll walk around to make sure that everyone is doing it correctly. 

Something that I've always found annoying is when instructor tell you to do things but don't tell you what they're for. That's not the case here. Each time a stretch is done Bianca goes through the reasons why it is good and where it is supposed to stretch (sometimes it's not what you think.) Not just this but she also points out who it'll be good for. For instance I have very closed off hips and I have trouble doing a front facing split, so when we are doing stretches for those problem areas tells me and shows me how to do them properly. 

The only problem that I have with this class is that it's outside and it gets REALLY cold in winter, but that's only for about 10 minutes, then you warm up from all the stretching you're doing. 

I really recommend for people to go to a stretch class if they are able to find one. I found one that costs $15 for a one hour lesson (which usually goes for a little longer and the people there are all great!)

If you go to a stretch class let me know where you go and what you think of it! I haven't been able to get to the splits yet but I'm a LOT better than I used to be!

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