They say you that you should blog about things you love and are passionate about. Well one of the biggest loves of my life is my cat Luna.

I know and accept that I am a lazy cat lady, to be fair it is Luna that I am crazily in love with! Honestly it hard not to love a little creature that loves you right back.

Let's start this series off with how Luna came into my life.

In 2013 I moved out of my parents home to live with Kale. Our first rental property we knew the former tenants and knew that the owner allowed cats! We both really want a cat so we got one. Her name was Sabrina and she was from the RSPCA. However Sabrina had been a stray for most of her life and did not want to be the inside cat we were wishing for! Sabrina ran away a few times and one time she was gone for over 3 months! After about a month of Sabrina being gone we decided to look on GumTree for free kittens. There we found a post with for Luna and her siblings.

Luna was one of three kittens of a stray cat that had randomly had her litter in a crazy cat lady's driveway! The lady looked after the mother and the kittens, later posting the kittens to give away online.

Kale and I went into to visit Luna and her siblings knowing that we want a girl cat as they are meant to be less crazy. There was Luna this cute little playful kitten who took an instant liking to us. She was extremely cuddly and we fell in love at first sight!

Since then Luna has been little baby and we are so grateful to have her in our life,

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