What We Got For Each Other For Christmas 2015

This time of year there is so many videos and blog post of what every one got for Christmas. We decided to share ours with a twist. Instead of including everything we received this Christmas we thought it would be sweet to share what we got each other. On that note though if you  were one of the amazing people in our life who took the time to get us something we really appreciate the present/s and you!

What Briony Purchased Sonia

Briony bought Sonia Doctor Who Cluedo. Anything Doctor Who instantly reminds you of Sonia. This will the second year in a row that Sonia has received something Doctor Who related from Briony but each time it just had to happen. We did play this together already with Briony winning all three times! More games soon plzzzzz.

What Sonia Bought Briony 

Sonia purchased the box set collection of the Power Puff Girls. That's right 6 season of the cute childhood show. Briony will be binge watching this sometime soon who needs neflix when you have all da powerpuff girls. It just because when you anyone thinks of Briony it sugar and spice and all things nice... lol jokes Briony is a bitch.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you a happy New Year! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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