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I've never been to fond of jeans. Something about them across my skin didn't feel right. I could never really condone over $30 on a pair of jeans I didn't really want to wear. Most of the time I got mine from JayJays on sale or from Cotton On. But unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) my lovely friend spilled red wine on my only pair of jeans so she insisted on buying me new ones. She took me to Bardot and that is where my denim journey really began.

I should begin with noting some of my pet peeves with denims. Something I really did not like about them is that I would have to through them out after a few washes. The tightness and elasticity would fade away within a few washes and by then I would have to dump them. 
Something that also annoyed me was that I could never find the right size for me. I have a small waist but larger hips and legs so finding jeans that fit me was a pain! They would always drag down and I would look like a fool trying to pull them up every five minutes.

Luckily for me Bardot denim does neither of these things. The fit is perfect! I don't have to pull up my pants looking like a dork in the middle of the street. 
They also don't fade and stretch! I have washed my denims about a dozen times now and they look perfect just like they did the day I bought them. 

I don't know about you but when I wear jeans I tend to get rashes behind the knees. It usually happens when I've been sitting for longer that 10 minutes, so dinner becomes a problem. I have concluded that it is the dye that they use for the jeans. This is probably because I go for the cheapest jeans that I can find. These denims are different though. The moment my foot touched the soft denim of the leg hole I fell in love. It was really a beautiful moment!

I was lucky to have my lovely friend buy me a pair of $139.95 jeans from Bardot. Even though I thought I would have a heart attack when I saw the price tag I was persuaded on getting them. This Boxing Day I took the sales to my advantage and bought another pair for $80. 

So now tell me, what kind of jeans do you like? Is there a brand you swear by?


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