Briony's Goals 2016

I feel like writing my goals for the year on the internet is one way to keep me motivated! I am one of those people who writes a list of goals each year and I tend to stick to most them. I did achieve most of my goals for last year with my two biggest being getting full time employment and having some form a schedule in my life as my sleeping patterns were pretty off.

They say that having 3 to 5 goals is manageable and achievable so in true Briony form lets here my long list of goals for 2016!

Lose Weight / Be Healthy
Cliche I know but this is something I would like to achieve this year! I gained and lost weight in 2015 and I would like this year to focused on losing even more, this isn't just for vanity reasons. Losing weight will be better for my health and put me at less risk for diseases. So I am setting this to try ans keep focused and motivated this year!

Work Out Three Times a Week (at least!)
This goals goes hand in hand with the above goal. I feel like working out 3 times a week is something I can measure throughout the year and is realistic! If I had said 5 times a week I know I would fail this goal by the end of the first week! I believe in setting achievable goals!

Read 50 Books
Goodreads  every year has a reading challenge where you set your goal of books for the year. I had 50 set for 2015 and I read 79 books! So I have set myself the goal of 50 again this year! I don't know if I will be able to read that many books this year but I am going to try!

Become Cleaner
I am the first to admit that I am messy person. I create clutter and chaos wherever I go! So for 2016 I am going to make an effort to become a domestic goddess. As having a messy home stresses me out and makes me not to have people over. I am not about the hermit life so cleaner 2016 is a must! #wifematerial

Post Regularly   
I feel like this a goal for Sonia and myself. We did have a big gap between posts in 2015. There was post in July and August then nothing until December! So we would really like there to be new content frequently, however still quality. Always quality over quantity! 

Be Less Busy
This is a difficult one to measure however in 2015 I had periods were I was so busy I was unable to make plans and this really stressed me out! So for 2016 I am going to learn to say no to things!

These are my goals for 2016! Share yours below I would love to hear yours!

Until next time. 


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