The Weekly # 3

This week the weather is has gone from ridiculously hot to cold. Melbourne weather needs to get it's shit together! Due to the hot weather at work our internet was down for a lot of the start of the week. So even though I was convinced that I was going to do work and be productive this week it simply just didn't happen. Working in eCommerce is difficult without the internet as you need it for everything. There isn't a store front where you can talk to walk in customers and can't answer phone calls about what is happening with order without being able to see the online tracking. On Wednesday they were so fed up with the internet as soon as we got in to the office they told us to take our laptop and go work from home. Which I was fine with as it meant I could contact customers while I was in my Pj's. #livingthedream.

I also saw a naturopath this week and this was honestly one of the strangest experiences of my life. As at one point I was just laying down hold cheese with milk on my arm. #seemslegit. However I have been put on medication that should get rid of my Lactose Intolerance for good. Which is exciting as I think this will help with bloating and really help with me improving my health this year.  I am also now taking some Magnesium too help with my poor sleeping habits and always being tired. I do plan to write about this experience in the future so keep an eye out for that!

We had a bit of  girlie chills on Tuesday night which was the day where it reached 42 degrees in Melbourne. We went to a friends place with a pool, made tacos and watched all the wedding dress shoes. To which my friends decided that they think I will be a bridzilla! Thanks guys! I haven't really watched any of these shows before but I will be now! As who doesn't love seeing all different wedding dresses! So let's hope my boyfriend is reading this as I sound like I am soooo keen to get married!

Another Killer session with my personal trainer this week! We mainly did arms and my god I felt it! We are taking sore for days. Starting weight training again after over a 2 month break is painful however I know it will get better as I get stronger and that is the end goal to have more strength in 2016. Next week I am hoping to have my sessions with my sister to so they will cheaper but also more fun. Plus it will be fun to compare our strengths. haha I am such a great sister!

I had lazer hair removal on Saturday which is something that I can not recommend enough! I do plan to write a little post about this soon too. So that is something to look out for!

I had bunch this week with my amazing friend Cloud and it was great was to catch up after so long not seeing each other. We figured out that we had not seen each other since around June last year! However as Cloud is such an amazing friend it was like no time had passed at which is something that I look for in a friend!

On Sunday I mainly worked towards my goal of being less messy. Let's just say it is not well so far.

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