The Weekly # 4

I had this all written out and of course it didn't save and the iinet was under maintenance in my area. So rude! So here is my late weekly post, I am not messing up my goal this early on!

This week Luna turned 3! Thus 2 cute pictures of my little fur baby. In cats years she is 21 so we are planning a Vegas trip soon, since she is legal and all. Seriously thought I can't believe she is growing up so fast. I am honestly not sure what I would do without Luna in my life, I would probably have less of a cat obsession and be very lonely. You can never feel lonely with a cat, as they will follow you everywhere.

There was more internet issues at work this week which was annoying but hopefully it will be back to normal again soon as it seemed to be the provider this time and our network just not functioning. I got to work an afternoon at one of my work friends places which was a nice change and a lot of fun.

On Friday I had a friend over for drinks and Netflix, like Netflix and chill without it being anything like Netflix and chill. We ended up watching 6 episodes of Jessica Jones. So you can guess what I did for the rest of my weekend! You got it I finished the series and I plan to do a blog post on it soon. You can guess that it will be a positive review since I finished this in the space of 4 days.

Finally this week my back has been pissing me off! So if you have any advice for a sore back let me know!

Until next time.


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