Year 2000 films

I know this is a while ago but I wanted to share all the films that I enjoyed in the year 2000. I have a few top favourites. Lately I have been disappointed in the films that have come out in the cinemas so going back and remembering the 'good old' movies I used to love.

  • The Grinch

Since we are in the season to be jolly I thought I'd put this one up first. Who hasn't spent their Christmas watching this (now) classic?! I have never been a big fan of Jim Carrey but this one had me sold! It is also one of the earliest movies where two women were living together and no one really made a comment about it (the Grinch's adoptive parents). But what I really remember about this movie is little Taylor Momsen playing Cindy Lou Who, a little cute girl with faith in the man who hates Christmas.

  • Scary Movie

I'm pretty sure EVERYONE has seen this movie. There are so many good lines and scenes that we've all made fun of the movie at least once. Don't deny it! I know you answered the phone with 'WAZZUP?!' To be perfectly honest my sister and I still do that and some of the time we're not even on the phone.

  • Charlie's Angels

I remember watching this movie every week when it came out on dvd. It gave me motivation to be a superwoman. I remember thinking that I was too old to start thinking about being some kick-ass woman that had all the abilities of a superhero (minus the flying) even though I was only eight years old. Instead I role-played with my friend doing cartwheels and pretending to shoot arrows. I think what I loved about this motivation to be kick-ass and sometimes I still watch it to give me motivation.

Do you guy's remember what your favourite movie was in 2000? 


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