BBLO: Products Not Worth The Hype # 1

There are products that are so hyped up on the internet that you just can't wait to use them and then when you do...

Napoleon Perdis Pre-Foundation Skin Primer 
This is so many peoples holy grail product and honestly I don't understand why. It was average at making foundation last it slightly similar to the Face of Australia Primer only more expensive. Unlike the Face of Australia Primer this one broke me out so badly. I got pimples everywhere and it took a couple of weeks of not using this product to make them go away. products that are used to make your foundation look nicer completely fail when they make your skin look horrible!

Mac Studio Fix Foundartion
MAC is an amazing brand and has some amazing products however this one is not one of them. I constantly looked orange whenever I was wearing this foundation. I went in store to get colour tested and the Pro Long Wear was too pale and so decided to try the studio fix as an alternative. At the MAC counter it looked flawless, when first applied it looks pretty good but this foundation oxidises like no tomorrow. It was decent courage but it has nothing on Double Wear. I was so dissapinted that I had spent so much money on foundation that didn't work for me. I will still try some of their other foundations in the future.

Not Your Mother Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo
This is a horrible dry shampoo, i find myself ACTUALLY WASHING MY HAIR so I don't have to use it. I was so excited when I saw this in my local Coles as I had heard so much about the brand and this product on Youtube. So of course I purchased with high hopes. This doesn't really leave any white patches in my dark brown hair which is great. But it does make my hair look oily though, which is the point of a dry shampoo to take away the oil. It does make my hair feel alright and feel slightly clean however it just makes my hair look extremely oily!

What are some products that you couldn't understand the hype?

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