#Books: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

This weeks book review will have you saying 'Oh Lordy!' with; 

Nathaniel Hawthornes' The Scarlet Letter

First of all, for being such a small novel, it sure does drag on! There are a lot of descriptions... A LOT of descriptions. Personally I was not too impressed in this classic novel but I guess it's just not my style. I do love the classics but this one... There were chapters of just descriptions! Somebody gimme some dialogue!!

If you don't know what this novel is about here is an extremely short summary: 


A woman gets knocked up by someone and gets sent to jail for adultery...her husband had left, disappeared completely. So after her jail time she wears a big red 'A' on her chest that she's not allowed to take off. So she has the baby, her husband comes back and pretends to be a doctor but secretly finds out who the 'other man' is.
All in all, she's just trying to find a way to live her new life with some sort of dignity after all that has happened.

Let me know what you guys thought of it. Maybe you enjoyed the description maybe you wanted the book to turn into a person so you could strangle it... like me.


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