January Favoutites

It's hard to pick out only a few things to write about. But I'm going to  give it my best shot!

Haviana Thongs:
I've been wearing these ALL the time. I got them for Christmas from my mum originally because I've wanted these thongs for so long! Unfortunately 3 days later I found out that Popcorn likes them almost as much as me and ate through them. I had to buy new ones as replacement because I was addicted already. This time Popcorn wont get his teeth into them!

Beyonce Heat Original Perfume:
I initially got this as a little tester in a Bellabox and fell in love with it. My best friend found out and got it for me.
I've been wearing it everyday since and it just smells amazing! One of my new favourite scents... and finally I found something thats cheap!

Burts Bees Conditioner more Moisture:
We bought this conditioner on a whim at Target. We thought we were paying heaps when we spent $5 a bottle but now we wish we bought more. This is the most moisturising conditioner I've ever used. My mum actually noticed the difference the week after. My hair is softer, shinier and silkier than ever. Not to mention that it smells like heaven. 

What were your favourites?



  1. Havianas are a total staple for Summer!

    1. I don't know how I lived without them for so long!!! Especially in Melbourne xD


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