The Monthly #1

I thought I'd be honest with myself and just do a monthly post instead of a weekly. Unfortunately I'm not as dedicated to writing as Briony is, but I think 12 posts for the year shouldn't be too hard to manage and if it is then there is something seriously wrong with me. 

This month has been all over the place. For the first half of the month my parents were away on holiday in Italy so I've been relaxing and enjoying having the house all to myself. When my parents return I'll be moving out by myself and with Popcorn of course to house sit for a friend of mine. 

I've been busy trying to put on of my 2016 goals into action, trying to be healthier. I've been to doctors and specialist to make sure that I'm healthy and a-okay. I've also been to the dentist. I try to go at least once a year for a check up and a good clean. I think it's so important to keep your pearly whites strong and healthy. Unfortunately though I was given bad news and now I have to fork out much too much money and I'm really sad. Although I changed dentist and I'm glad I did! My new dentist was so thorough and understanding that I completely enjoyed the experience. He explained everything he was doing and what each utensil was and what it did. I've never been to a dentist that explained and made me feel like part of the process before.  

While my parent's were away I met my step-brother for the first time. It was the most exciting experience ever. It's ben over five years since my mum and step dad have been together and I have never met my step brother so when I did I was a nervous wreck! I think he must think I'm the weirdest person ever but I know for a fact that he loved the lasagna I made so I was happy!

I moved into a new house! I was house sitting for a few weeks but it turned into moving in permanently! It's been a little hard moving since the weather has been killing us and we haven't taken a day off to move in properly. Luckily though it is already fully furnished so I didn't have to move any big bulky items. 

I've been really into meal planning and cooking healthy food rather than eating out. I realised I was eating out almost everyday so I made a deal that I would eat take away only once a week as a treat. 

This month has been so full on but I'm glad for it. Everything is looking positive for 2016. Of course there were ups and downs in January but it would be strange if it didn't.

Anything exciting happen to you this month? Let us know!


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