The Weekly # 5

So this week was Australia Day! Where I did the most classic thing and went to a bbq to listen to the Hottest 100. Not going to lie many drinks were had along with many photos taken. Overall it was a pretty good day hanging out with friends. The number one song though was a little bit of a disappointment.

I  got a new Iphone! I decided to become a basic white bitch and get the rose gold 6s and omg it is soooo pretty. I am in love however it is really annoying that I couldn't back it up from old phone as I had updated my old phone to the latest update, so I feel like I have stuff missing. Like all my 50 million selfies.

Wednesday was a little bit of a seedy day getting back into work after a day of drinking.  Somehow I made it through work. I may have had a lot of caffeine to get me through the the day. Which is pretty standard for me.

Thursday was an average day at work and I met up with Kale after work to go shopping. As I felt like treating myself! However do you think I did? Nope the only thing I purchased was a face wash for Kale. Clearly I just think about others.

Thursday night is where everything changed...

My mum texted me saying that my grandma was not well and that grandma suggest that we might want to go in to see her. So that is what we did. We spent a few hours beside her bed at her nursing home. I very thankful for the those few hours I was beside her holding her hand. Surrounded by some amazing family members.

Sadly three hours after we left Grandma Rose passed away.

As you can imagine the rest of my week was spent with family and friends.

A special shout to my Anna, Caitlin and Cathryn for spending time with and putting smiles on my face when all I wanted to do was cry.

Along with a huge thank you my family Annette, Wayne, Megan, Nathan, Penny, Jade, Josh and Tamsin.

Until next time.


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