The Weekly # 6

If you read the weekly # 5   you would know right now is not the best time in my life. Let's be honest it is pretty shit, I want these posts to be real and something I can reflect on so no glossing over the shitness that is my life. 

Monday and Tuesday I was at work which was a major struggle. I was exhausted from lack of sleep and trying to focus on work to make sure I don't cry. I want to thank my manger Jess for being so understanding and helping to make things less difficult for me. Also a special thank to Paul, Jatila and Ryan for making sure I had reasons to smile throughout the day. 

Monday night I met up with Sonia because she is amazing and made me dinner! We also worked a little on the blog, we now have a Facebook Page. Feel to give it a like ;). We also went to a hardware store to try and get some tiles for flat lays and we ended up not having to pay as the sales person didn't think you could buy just one. We then did a Kmart run where I found a much needed mascara. 

Wednesday the day of my dear Grandmother's funeral. The service was lovely and very catholic. She honestly would have been extremely happy with how it went. Almost all my relatives were present only two cousin's were missing as they don't currently live in Melbourne one is in Japan. Alot of us had little parts to do and I think that was a lovely touch. I went up with my god mother to hand the wine and bread to the priest. I don't know if I would have been able to speak it would have been difficult. The church that the funeral was at was the church my grandmother was her local church growing up, she was baptised there; her wedding was there and her funeral was there. It was a full circle which I know she would have been so happy about that. Also thank you to Anna, Caitlin and Cathryn for attending the funeral it truly means so much to me. 

I needed retail therapy this week so Kale and I bought a Mac. OMG it is soooo pretty!  I am still struggling to adjust to use it slightly as it has been a while since I have used them regularly. just think of all the pretty pictures I now have lol. Just clarifying I didn't spend over two thousand dollars for a background piece for my Instagram. 

Thursday and Friday were so much easier at work. I know I was a little cranky from lack of sleep but I was trying,  I promise. I feel like I am getting on top of things at work which is good. There is going to new changes happening at work which kind of scary and exciting at the same time. Friday was Ryan's last day at work for over 5 weeks. I don't know how I am going to cope with him being away so long. 

Pretty chill weekend of cleaning (something I ignored the past week), playing with my new computer and reading really. I was in desperate need of a relaxing weekend. 

until next time. 


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