The Weekly # 7

The biggest recap of this week is back pain. I have aged 50 years and find everything painful!

The finally went to see a physio this week about the pain on Monday and am now having to do some extremely embarrassing stretches at work. I work for an online business so basically everything I do is at my desk on my computer, so making sure I get up regularly and stretch can be difficult. However if want to not be in pain it is one of the best ways to ensure this.

Tuesday I made the most of my work location and went for a walk at South Melbourne beach. So pretty and relaxing! I love walks on the beach when it's a nice temperature, if it was super hot I would have been avoiding the beach at all costs. One of the downsides to working near the beach is the tram can be full of people trying  to get home from the beach or the seats can be sandy.

Wednesday I had to take Kale to the doctors after work. So being the mature adult that I am I spent an hour car waiting for him. I was reading there was nice and comfy. It lazy and definitely bad for my back for sure!

Thursday I woke up in horrible pain and ended up leaving work early. Thankfully  I had a physio appointment booked. Leaving work was pretty good that day because I got my adorable niece Jade. Jade does not keep still so playing with her didn't make my back hurt from sitting. We a little family dinner with my parents, sister and Jade, which was entertaining because of Jade. At one point when asked who she loves most she said Briony.

Friday wasn't too painful! At work I wasn't dying which was great because I went for Jess' birthday. We did pre's at Jess' place where honestly I didn't get that drunk and we played the logo game. Then we danced the night away! There was plenty of people I knew there so there was always someone to dance with! I got pretty aggressive towards the end though as people kept touching me to get passed me. I don't care whatever the reason do not touch me!

Saturday I finally got a new Fit Bit Charge HR. This will be my third one. The other ones died pretty quickly. Fingers crossed as I do like it when it is working! Also went to Priceline to get their Hair Care Bag. I am very impresses and there will be a post this week! When I was on my trip to Priceline I was considering going to Kmart, however I decided to be smart and save my money. Then I got a text from my sister if I wanted to go to Kmart and I went. We went to two different Kmarts and I got multiple items on both trips. I need help!!

Sunday aka Valentine's days <3. I had a cute little brunch date with Cathryn. I don't think I could ask for anything more on Valentine's day. C.M Owens new book Identical Disaster came out and honestly that was the rest of my day. So close to being finished!

Until next time.


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