The weekly #8

This weeks post is late as I have been lame and sick.

Last week was pretty chill really.

On Tuesday I started to use Skillshare which is where there is a whole heap of mini online classes. I signed up to a 3 month Premium membership for 99 cents. I have been really enjoying some of the classes on there as I like the idea of self improvement at the moment. There is a vast variety of classes from design to cooking to business.

On Wednesday I babysat and it was a lot of fun. I ended up watching one of the My Little Pony movies. Which really makes me not understand Brony's lol.

Friday I went to after work drinks which is was fun and something I need to do more of! We went to a lounge and had an fun time, we even got some horrible photo booth pictures. Friday we also reached 400 followers which was super exciting!

Saturday night I spent the night with my amazing friend Caitlin. We had lots of wine and took too many snapchats. We also watched some One Ttee Hill which has made me want to re-watch the shows.

Until next time.


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