Top 5: Things that I Wish I Started Sooner

There are those things in life that you wish you started sooner! As I feel like I have wasted valuable time.  Here are mine, please learn from my mistakes!

  • Threading 
Honestly I did not see the appeal when I was younger. I was all for doing my own eyebrows and keeping them on fleek. However when you do your own you can become obsessive and over pluck! Threading you can touch up yourself in between and honestly when you find the right person it becomes love! I have had bad experiences with waxing where they have burnt my skin, this was because of skin mediaction at the time but my young high school self did not know any better! Threading can't and won't leave your skin red for days! Although I would recommend wearing water proof mascara on days that you have an appointment as I tear up so much! It honestly isn't that painful it is just a lot of stuff going on near your eyes lol. I tear up waxing and sometimes plucking too so don't let that put you off. 

  • Laser
Laser hair removal is amazing and something that I waited until I could afford to splurge on. However honestly with the results I have been getting I wish I started it earlier! So much time I have wasted shaving and bleaching when I could have just been basically hair free. I currently am having my top lip, under arms and Brazilian done. I do plan to have more place done in the future! This is an investment believe me, don't let the cost put you off. You can always find deals on sites like groupon or  the places will have packages. When I started doing my top lip it got a deal where it was 5 sessions for $50! Also laser is not painful it can be slightly uncomfortable in sensitive areas but they use cold to make this pain free! You can shave in between laser and it will not effect the results too! 

  • Skin mediation
My skin god! When I was younger I had shocking skin. I am still unsure whether this was diet, hormones or just plain bad luck. After trying medication from the doctors for years I finally went to a dermatologist and they put me on some pretty strong mediation. It wasn't the greatest to be on but the results have been worth it. I rarely get break outs these days and it is because of the medication. If you skin is making you unhappy or giving you low self esteem I would go see a doctor. If you believe what the results from the medication or treatments from the doctors isn't enough ask for a referral to a dermatologist as this is something that took too long for me to do! Skin is important and really does affect your confidence so if you are having issues with yours don't be embarrassed to seek help.

  • Cheerleading 
During University I joined the cheer squad, we didn't cheer any games, we were our own competitive team! Bring It On was one of my favourite movies growing up and I always wondered if I could be a cheerleader if we had this in Australia at age 19 I found out the answer was yes! My cousin was in her Universities team and really encouraged me to join my team and I am thankful for this as it is so much fun. I was just a base as I honestly would have been too heavy to be a flyer and probably too scared if heights! Those two and a half minutes on the competition floor though are an amazing thrill. Also a great way to make friends when you are just starting uni. I wish I started cheerleading earlier because it is so much easier to learn to tumble when you are younger and having tumbling skills is one of the best ways to move to higher levels. 

  • Personal Training
I love my personal training sessions, well after the session is done. I don't also always enjoy them during the session and my trainer knows this but she knows how to get me to work. I think personal training is great for improving strength and learning more about your body. If your trainer is qualified they can really give great advice for food choice as well training exercises. I honestly prefer having a female trainer as it can give you a chance to have a gossip or bitch session while you train and this can make holding a plank go faster. As long as you still train while you talk it is great but I but have to make my trainer count for me as I ALWAYS forget to count while I am talking.

Is there anything you wish you started sooner? I would love to know and maybe jump on the band wagon.

Until next time.


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