The Monthly #2

February has been kind of strange. I feel like it has taken Feb forever to end and I'm glad it is even though there were some pretty amazing things that happened. 

My housemate, Emily, finally came home! She was in America for so long and I really missed her! First thing we did was have a coffee together. Coffee just makes everything better don't you think? Even though she was here it was hard to really get together again as she had to leave a week later to go backpacking in New Zealand. So there was lots of packing and meeting up with people and her family that she hadn't seen in a while.

My other housemate, Gabby, on the other hand was NOT having a great month at all! Her car broke down so we were rushing around trying to fix it before we had to go to work the next day (Gabby and I work together). Luckily we fixed it in a few days... only for it to completely breakdown about a week later! We were completely stuck! I had to borrow her sisters manual car so Gabby could drive my automatic. So within a week we were looking around for a new car. We were really convinced we would love the Holden Cruze but we never even got the chance to go look at it! We fell in love with the Honda Jazz. The fuel efficiency is amazing and for a small car it has plenty of space. If you're wondering why I'm so concerned about this it is because I'm thinking of buying a new car next year so I was half looking for myself as well. 

The day we picked up the car was the day we went to the GOLD COAST! I was so excited to go on holiday with my two best friends. We have been planning this holiday for a very long time making sure that we were being as economical as possible because... we're all kinda broke. But after a while we finally managed and we didn't skimp out on anything. I loved all the rides and theme parks. We were considering going on a tiger cub experience at Dreamworld but luckily we didn't and found out that they actually walk them around the park and you can pat them. So we saved ourselves over a hundred dollars that way. 

But alas, I had to come home. I'm actually glad for it. There's no place like home. Tomorrow is backyard cleaning day with the girls so that's going to be fun! 

Now I'm off to watch The Dressmaker [post soon to come] with the housemates and wash off our face masks.

Until next time!


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