The Weekly #9

This post is super late this week because it did not seem to want to go up! After several times to publish this it is finally up!

Tuesday I was home from work due to being sick. My lovely friend Caitlin made brunch to make me feel better! What could be better than hanging out with your best fraaand and having brunch.#brunchaddict. So thank you Caitlin I love you!

Kale also went to New Castle for 2 days for his nephews birthday. Which was pretty good of him and I think it was a much needed visit as he barely gets to see his family. I was a lame girlfriend though and missed him so much! I don't want to be that girl but I am #sorrynotsorry

Friday I went and saw some of my original cheer friends. We were at Cary's place in Werribee, which only took me just over an hour to drive to from Albert Park in peak hour traffic. Talk about winning. It was so good to see everyone as it honesty had been over a year since all 5 of us were together! there usually one of us who bails. Alright so that might be me half the time but the transition to working full time can be difficult. We spent most the night in the spa which was really nice. However my waterproof mascara was not waterproof enough for the spa as I had fll on panda eyes when I left.

Saturday was a pretty chill day where I just got shit done. Actually did some cleaning , got laser done,  and worked on the blog. I also was tragic and made an Instagram account for Luna. You can find it by searching thelunapetunia, all the names were taken as Luna is such a popular cat name. #sailormoonforeves

Sunday Sonia was lovely enough to invite me over for lunch which was pretty great of her! We had lots of fun and did some much needed blog discussion. I love blog planning sometimes more than the actual blogging part XD. I also saw How To Be Single with Anna which was fun. The movie was pretty funny but didn't have the biggest plot line.

Until next time.


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