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So today I was a little (a lot) naughty and took a trip through Myer on my way home from the city so I decided that I needed more make up essentials... All in the name of science of course. I mean, I have this blog and this is what it's for right? :D
My store of choice was Illamasqua. Oh boy do I love this store! It's a high end cosmetics company with the prices of a drugstore company. What's even better is that they DO NOT test on animals. Makes me feel like I'm helping the world one lip smear at a time.
At the moment they are waiting on new stock so most of their items are on sale (so I should by more right? In the name of science of course) and I went a little overboard. I don't usually buy this much make up but admittedly I did have a gift voucher so I pretended I had money.


Colour: CC 200
Price: $20
Size: 2g

This is really rich and creamy. I tried it on and I only used a dab to cover my ugly spots. It works amazingly well. I've always ever used concealers that were runnier and in tubes so this will take some getting used to. But I really like that it's so little and when you open it is has a little mirror... Extra handy!

Pressed Powder (Setting Powder):

Colour: PP 010 (clear)
Price: $36.50
Size: 10g

The most hefty priced item I bought and I'm still not sure why I bought it. I tried this setting powder on after I put the concealer on and since I'd never tried this before I thought I'd give it a go. It's quite a large compact that comes with a large mirror when you open it and a little sponge to put it on. Although they told me you should use this with a big brush over your liquid make-up to set it.

Medium Pencil (for lips, face and body):

Colour: Feisty
Price: $10
Size: 1g

This lip pencil I decided to purchase after the sad discovery that I suck at putting on red lipstick. Hopefully this should make it a tiny bit easier for me... and my headaches. The lady who showed this to me was very kind and did a mini how-to lesson on lip pencils. The pencils aren't usually this cheap but seeing as it was the last colour they gave it to me for $10!

Nail Polish:

Colour: Wink
Price: $9
Size: 15mL

Colour: Caress
Price: $13
Size: 15mL

I bought two nail polishes since they were on sale. I went for bright pastel colourssince it's been so hothere and bright colours are finding their way back. Hopefully they'll be good! I can't wait to try them out... for you guys of course :D


Type: Blending Brush 1
Price: $35

This was an essential purchase through and through! I only own Hello Kitty brushes and I'm starting to think that they're not the best to work with. I was very hesitant because of the price but when I compared it to other brands this was much cheaper. The sales assistant also showed me how to use this as an eyeshadow brush or a concealer brush so I decided that I'd get this one as a multi-purpose brush... as long as I remember to wash it in between using it!

All together I spent $123.50 and I feel like I bought the whole store out!
Let me know what you think of this brand or if you've got anything you think I should try.

On a side note the other day I bought the Rimmel London Apocolips lip lacquer and I'm not too sure on it. It might be because I decided on such a bright colour (Shade 303: hot pink) but seeing as it's a colour I usually use I saw how it was too much like a lip gloss that was trying to be a lipstick.


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