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So I did a post about the first day we got Luna back in December 2015! So I thought it was more than enough time to write about my favourite animal again! Also Sonia did a post on Popcorn so I thought it was only fair Luna got some attention.

Firstly Luna now has her own instagram account where I am posting pictures of her on a semi regular basis. You can follow her HERE and see all her adorable pictures, I am totes not bias or anything! Now that I have finished my shameless plug of Luna's instagram account let's get on with today's story.

Today's story is going to be about the time we shaved Luna. Luna is an extremely fluffy cat, it can be easy to mistake her fluff for fat. In the summer though Luna has so much belly fluff that we have to shave her belly. When it gets too hot she sheds like crazy! So back in 2013 the first year we had Luna we thought it would be a great idea to shave Luna. We didn't have air conditioning at the time, so this was one of our ways of keeping her cool, it was a really hot summer that year!

If you look at the picture you can see we didn't shave her tail as it is so cute and fluffy we had to leave it. She looked so ridiculous that we haven't done a fully body shave since. Although we will sometimes shave or cut the fur near her butt as she can't get dags. These days we mainly use a cat brush that thins out her fur, which she doesn't seem to mind since she will sit still while we brush her and even purr.

Do you have any silly pet stories?

Until next time.

B xx

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