Top 5: Tips to be Thrifty

If some of you don't know I work part-time at a  supermarket in Melbourne. Working there has its perks. I've accumulated so many hints and ideas on how to save money and they really work because I spend much less than most people on my weekly groceries.
A lovely customer even suggested I write a blog about it even though she didn't know I actually have a blog!

So here are some top hints to save on your weekly shop.

1. You may have more in your cupboard than you think:

A lot of people don't realise that they don't need to do a massive shop every week. Use what's in your cupboard. Before shopping look around and see what you actually do have. I know there's plenty of food in there. Just buy what you really need like fruit and vegetables weekly.

2. Don't pay full price for your meat:

Did you know that grocery stores discount their meat if it's going out of date?
Freezing meat is so easy. If you freeze it right away you'll still have a day to use it once it's defrosted.
Buy it in bulk and put it in portions in freezer bags. You'll save so much money and the food tastes just the same once it's cooked you wont know the difference. This way you'll be able to have guests over anytime and be able to offer them a lovely roast or a bbq. 

3. Bulk buy sale items:

I can't stress this enough that when something is on sale -and I mean a good sale- buy more than just one. I for one go through heaps of Vanish Napisan so when it goes half price I tend to buy 2 or three and pop them in the storage cupboards we made in the garage.

4. Read the catalogues:

You might think that you'll see the sales in store but most of the time the tickets fall down or get ripped off by customers. Reading through and making a list of what you need is the best way to find out what is on special. Don't just look at one, I read the catalogue of all the stores in my area, so when I go to the shopping centre I know what to get and which store to get it from.

5. Think out of the box:

Sometimes the best deals are not from your main supermarkets. When I'm in need of fabric softener I always have a look at Big W or Kmart. A lot of the time they have the main brands in bulk sizes for half the price. I take the big bulk sized item and put it in the storage cupboard in the garage. That whenever I need it I can fill up a little bottle and I won't have to worry about using up all the space.

Happy shopping everyone.

Xx S

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