Top 5: Tips to Feel Like You Have Your Shit Together

I think everyone goes through periods where they feel like they don't have their shit together, or is that just me? Here are my top 5 tips to feeling like you have your shit together.

  • Clean your space
I honestly feel so put together when my home is tidy. There is so many cliches I could quote about having a clean space but in all seriousness you just feel so peaceful knowing that your cleaning is done. Also cleaning can be a stress release aiding in cool, calm and collected. 

  • Do Yoga
Okay so this could be any exercise, just doing some exercise make you feel like you are super healthy and like you got this. Personally yoga is my current favourite as I love feeling all bendy and flexible. I do feel extremely calm and worry free after yoga though!

  • Read a self help book
Okay so I have said this before that I adore Self Help books. They just give you that little bit of motivation and guidance. You read one and you feel like you are in on all these life secrets that everyone else is missing out on so I could not recommend this enough if you feel a little lost.

  • Change your hair
I recently cut my hair and honestly it makes me feel like I am going places. A change can be so great when you feel like you are in a rut. Okay so it doesn't have to actually be cut your hair just this is a big change that does has a huge effect on your mood. If you want something more low key you could dye your hair or even just buy a sophisticated outfit which makes you feel all fancy and important.  

  • Spend time with love ones
Whether this be your partner, family or friends spending time with love ones can make you feel like you have some of your life together. I have pretty great family life and spending time with my family reminds me of this. It just show you that part of your life is together! When you are feeling crap about your life don't hang out with people who bring you down!

Do you struggle with feeling you need to get your shit together?

Until next time xx

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  1. I so needed this. My mind has just been all over the place. The cleaning and a little bit of meditating helped :)

    Joyce | Joycentricity


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