Wish List - October 2016

So at the beginning of the year I did a post of my for January 2016 Wish List. Where I shared 4 items I was lust after. Did I purchase them all? Unfortunately no the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil is just too expensive for me to justify at the moment. The other three items on the list though I did purchase and am happy with them! So this month I am sharing a few more things on my wish list!

Luna Sailor Moon Back Pack
This is bag that one of my work friends has. She linked me when she first purchased it and I was extremely interested from the start. However once seeing this is in person I want it so badly. The inside lining of the bag is Luna and Artemous.

Tiny Tea Teatox (28 Days)
I am currently very motivated with being healthy and trying to take control of my weight. I have used this before and I think I want to try this teatox again. One of the main reasons I love this tea is that it does not have a laxative affect. I'm not sure about you but I don't think something that makes you constantly go the toilet is healthy for your body. I'm sure one like that would make you lose weight quickly however you wouldn't be able to keep it off.

ASOS Jumper With Pug Elbow Patch
I have a ASOS heart patched cardigan and it honestly one of my favourite items of clothing. I think think this is adorable! I love basics with a quirky twist and this is completely my style! Also pugs are just so cute!

Chicken Nuggets Pin 
Someone tagged me in a post of this on Instagram! This is just such a cute little pin to show the love I have for chicken nuggets! Also i have been loving the idea of pins lately so would be great for my little growing collection! Also it is great to support Australian's as this one comes from an Etsy store in Sydney.

RMCA Translucent Powder
I feel like for the past year I have been hating the powder I use. I have been searching for a new one and this powder has great reviews in the beauty community. If you haven't seen the Jaclyn Hill Baking Tutorial then you are doing Youtube wrong. Jaclyn uses this powder in her video as it is a translucent powder with zero colour and it doesn't change the colour of your foundation.
There a cheaper links to purchase this online however this is the fastest for Melbourne and the link I am personally going to use to purchase the powder! Plus the whole supporting Australia thing. 

Is there anything you are lusting over at the moment?

Until next time.


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