#Kilala : Introduction to the family

I'm writing this a little later but I was so worried that something might happen so I didn't have the heart to tell the blogging world yet.

My dear friend's please meet Kilala, the newest addition to our family. So far our little family consists of only Popcorn, you can check his first two posts here and here. She is a pretty black and white mini lop rabbit. She is now 13 weeks old but I got her at 11 weeks. She is very little and we were all a little cautious due to the difficulties some rabbits can have with bonding, but Kilala and Popcorn love each other already. Actually, they liked each other from the first day. Kilala follows Popcorn around everywhere and when she's in her hutch (we keep her inside because she's too small and gets stuck everywhere) Popcorn sits under her hutch just waiting for her.

For some of you who don't know my cousin Vincenzo is here on a holiday from Italy and when he saw me fall in love with her at the pet store, he decided that that's what I'll be getting for Christmas! The rest of my family can only beat this present by buying me a house.

On a side note remember to always do some research on the stores you get your pets from. Don't always take their word for it and check their credentials online before you buy a pet.

Xx Sonia


Also if you have any ideas on what I should change my bunnies Instagram name let me know!
At the moment it's ''butteredpopcorn'' but I think it'll have to change if it has Kilala as well.

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  1. Aw she's so cute! I want a bunny. A lovely name, too.

    Corinne x


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