October Favourites

It's time for another favorites posts. If you haven't read last months click here to check it out. This month I only have four items but they sure are deal breakers right now.

  • Celestials Sleepytime Tea:
As some of my friends know (from the crazy bags under my eyes) I have a huge sufferer with nightmares and terrors so finding something that'll help is greatly appreciated. I tried this at the start of the month and it's been working great. It hasn't taken them away but it has lessened the strength and impact the dreams have on my sleep.

  • Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder:

I hadn't been using this powder as much and it sort of became one of those forgotten gems in the bottom of your makeup bag. I went back to it and I really can't believe I went without it for so long. It has great coverage and lasts for hours. It's become one of my staples again.

  • Lee Stafford Heat Protectant:

I love this product so much. My hair actually feels more moisturised for longer when I use this. Not that I style my hair that often but I ALWAYS dry my hair or I'm  just about guaranteed a cold the next day. This has kept the frizz to a minimum and I don't feel guilty for drying out my hair.

  • Nars Sheer Glow Foundation:

I finally got my hands on this bad boy this month. I'd been meaning to get my foundation matched and really get some good tips on which would suit my lifestyle best. I thought it would be this but the lovely ladies at Mecca Northland helped and confirmed it. I'm so in love with this I usually don't even need concealer. How did I go so long without it?

Have you tried any of these? And what's you favourite this month. There's always one. Let us know in the section below!

Xx Sonia

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