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Over the past few years I have found a love for podcasts. I feel like I was late to the game with finding a love for podcast but alas there are my top five podcast.

Mamamia Out Loud
I am obsessed with this podcast and have been for a least a full year. I find myself refreshing the podcast app all day on Wednesdays and Fridays so that  I can listen to the new episode straight away. This very much a female driven podcast that focuses on what is currently happening in Australia and the world. All I can say is have a listen as it great!

Ladies Who Lunch
This podcast is made by the Youtubers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes. This is a very much a podcast that will make you think and make you feel more educated after listening to it. Each week there is a different topic and the girls will talk and share their options. I love that they don't share the exact same opinions as each other and give you a different way to look at things. They recently started self producing too.

We Want To Better
So this a newer podcast which only started posting late last year. I am a big fan of uncannyannieblog on Instagram (she is soooo extra) and this is her podcast with her friend Bianca. Each week they have a goal they set out to do it to improve themselves. So far they hasn't actually been that many successful weeks which is pretty funny to listen to. Also this podcast is based in Melbourne which is kinda cool to actually know places they talk about or even just when they are talking about how expensive myki is!

My Dad Wrote a Porno
This podcast is just so funny!! If you can't guess from the name of the podcast the dad of the create of the podcast wrote an erotic fiction book. The books are available on amazon but the podcast reads out the chapters of the books and they are soooo badly written, think worse than Fifty Shades of Grey.

Millennial Money
This is a great podcast for money and saving advice. The only downside it is that is American which is fine but it means some of the content is not relevant. As Australia pay for university differently and our super etc. So some of the episodes are best just to skip but most of the advice is great!

What are some of your favourite podcasts? I am always up for some recommendations!

Until next time

B xx

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