Pink Lake Australia

Pink Lake
I was lucky enough to travel a bit for work and the past few months have been a great experience for me, getting to see different parts of Australia I probably never would have seen. My travels have seen me taking pictures of cute cats, dogs, birds and even a koala, but I felt that I should tell you about when we stumbled upon a lake. Not just any old lake, but a beautiful pink lake on our way to Adelaide.

I have to be honest and tell you that I wasn't even aware that we had pink lakes in Australia! Apparently we have more than just one. There are some all over Australia with the main one being in Western Australia. The one we found was on our way to Adelaide in South Australia. It wasn't a massive destination to be honest. There wasn't much around, just a few toilets and tables but seeing it was amazing.

I got to walk around in it just at the surface and that's when I realised why it's so pink. Pretty much it just salt. Pink salt like the fancy one you buy at the shops. It was so strange stepping on it because it would crack and break but it was in this lovely warm water. Not only that but you noticed that there weren't many birds around the lake because obviously it's not a water source for them. If you're on a trip around Australia definitely look out for these little magic spots, if not only for the beauty but to sit your feet in it is supposed to be very good for you and it extracts all the toxins out of your body. I'm not too sure if that's actually true but you sure have soft feet afterwards!

Have you stumbled upon a little treasure like this around town or on a trip?

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