Easter Edition: Shippo

Shippo at naptime

I know this has been a long time coming. Almost a year ago I got a brand you baby. Yes, everyone, I added a new addition to my beautiful fur baby family and it's the best thing I've done in a long time. I thought seeing as it's Easter and all I'd introduce you all to my white pawed naughty boy.

This pretty little fluffer is called Shippo and he just turned one at the end of December. He has a very big personality and loves to make havoc in our household. He loves to dig and has already escaped a few times to the neighbours' yard while we weren't looking (Don't worry they're always supervised when they have outside time but he is very naughty and a quick digger). He is the most food orientated bunny I have ever met and you could probably get him to do anything for a treat.

He and his sister get along super well and are now inseparable. They always cuddle no matter how hot it is and always clean each other very very well. They even protect each other from the evil cardboard roll that gets them out from under the bed.

Click here to see Kilala's post and all of her cuteness and make sure to follow them on Instagram
@kilala_shippo for extra cute bunny photos.

Love your fur-family everyone and have a Happy Easter!

Xx S

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