Losing my job

Action shot at my current job. 
Some of you may know that on the 12th of December 2016 I lost my job. It came as a shock and was an immediate thing. At the time I was devastated even though I had been wanting to leave for months. My whole office was made redundant and we were all drinking before 12pm!

Now that I look back at it I am happy that it happen but at the time it sucked.

Not having any idea what I was doing with my life leading up to Christmas and New Years was difficult because most places were closed during this period. Leaving me feeling lost in what I was doing with my life. If you think I had been suffering from a quarter life crisis before losing my job, after I became unemployed I was a mess.

Losing my job though was a blessing in disguise. It lead me to a job related to my degree which I genuinely enjoy. It stopped me being stuck at a job that I hated but stayed at as I was scared of change. It took me away from a toxic friendship and work relationship which was causing me stress on a daily basis.

I am now much happier at my new job and don't dread going to work in the morning. I  see a future at my current job which I couldn't see previously. At my previous job before it has even been six months I started applying for other jobs, now after a year at my current job have no plans to look elsewhere.

Losing your job is something that happens in most people's lives. You are not a failure, your life is not over. Life goes on! You will find another job! This does not reflect on you or your self-worth. The whole office lost their job yet I felt like a failure but that was not the case!

I feel the experience made me motivated to find a job that was really suitable for me. I did apply for lost of places and had a few interviews so it definitely was a learning experience. It made me realise I should have been proactive like this when I first finished university but I was working part-time at a supermarket and doing a lot of hours so I was spending a large amount of time working rather than looking for jobs related to my degree and my interests.

So if you have recently lost your job please know that it is going to be okay! You will find another job!

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