Things to do that make you feel like you are killing at that whole adulting thing

1. Make a grocery list
2. Follow said grocery list
3. Pack your lunch for work
4. Meal prep for more than one week
5. Put your bins out
6. Clear out your inbox
7. Have food in your fridge
8. Pay your bill the day you get it
9. Have a positive bank balance
10. Buy toilet paper before you run out
11. Have all your dishes clean at once
12. Wash your bed sheets
13. Make plans to exercise and actually do it
14. Drink more than 2 litres of water in a day
15. Read something informative
16. Listen to a podcast
17. Watch the news
18. Have your family over to your house
18. Have your house tidy for more than just an inspection day
19. Eat some vegetables
20. Choose to cook instead of getting take away
21. Fill your washing line
22. Eat breakfast
23. Get out of bed without pressing snooze on your alarm
24. Remember a birthday before Facebook reminds you

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