Why You Should Get a Bunny

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Why get a bunny?

A lot of people think that getting a bunny is an easy choice for kids or as a family pet but it’s actually not quite that easy. I like to think that it’s actually harder to look after a bunny than most conventional pets like cats or dogs.

Your responsibilities differ depending on how you’d like to keep your new family member. Before you get a bunny you need to think about whether it’s going to be an inside or an outside bunny.

Bunnies are prey animals and hence they need lots of care to make sure that they feel lots of love and feel secure enough not to be scared off by a simple bird flying overhead. These are just a few things to consider before getting a bunny and if this sounds like too much then a bunny is not for you, and that’s okay. Different people connect with different animals. 
Here are five reasons you SHOULD get a bunny:
  • Bunnies are super cute. They are fluffy and so soft and if you have ever seen a bunny clean their face or meerkat around the room then you will fall in love instantly.
  • Bunnies are so funny! They love to play around and cause a bit of mischief. When they have fun especially when they do binkies.
  • Every bunny has their own personality. You might not be able to see it from the bunnies that you see in pet stores but that is usually it is because they tend to sleep more during the day and be very active during dusk and dawn. 
  • Seeing as bunnies are scared little creatures there is nothing better than having a bunny finally realising that you are their mum and dad. When you take them to the vet and they run to you because you’re ‘safe’ then you know you have done the right thing.
  • This one is more for the adults but bunnies are quite independent and quiet. Almost like a vegetarian cat-dog hybrid. They don’t bark or make any noise so they are great if you are deterred from them because of that and they tend not to bother you much unless they want pats.     

I really hope that this post has shed some light into the bunny world and their adorable and naughty ways. 

Xx Sonia

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