The Most Addictive Beauty App

Okay so I have looking a for an app that tracks you skin for a while and during my research I have found one that wasn't what I was looking for but one that is highly addictive. It is called YOUCAM makeup. It seems like a really dodgy app but it actually tells you your skin age.

One confronting thing it does is show you where all your wrinkles and pimples are. It also grades your dark circles and how textured your skin is. Every morning I find myself wanting to see what age it thinks my skin is and see if there is any improvements from the day before.

I feel like that this app has made me more concerned about wrinkles than I was before but that isn't a bad thing. I just need to think about what skincare items I use on my forehead.

The app also allows you to test out other hair colours which is lots of fun to try out! Pink hair does not look good on me if cause you were wondering!

If you know off any skincare apps that track what items you have used and take a picture of your face let me know. As this is what I am interested in. As my skin has been breaking out recently and I think it has been because of diary so I want to track this!

Until next time xx

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